Is Cosmetic Surgery the Same As Reconstructive Surgery?


Cosmetic surgery is a medical specialty involving the correction, restoration, or modification of one's body. It is also commonly known as plastic surgery. It consists of many specialized procedures, which are designed to improve the appearance or function of the patient. It is subdivided into two main branches: cosmetic/plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery. Cosmetic surgery includes liposuction, breast augmentation, face lift, wrinkle removal, and rhinoplasty. This branch also includes aesthetic surgery which includes hair replacement, blepharoplasty, blepharoplasty, hip surgery, arthroscopic surgery, among others.

Many people often wonder what exactly is cosmetic surgery? Cosmetic surgery is performed in order to enhance one's physical appearance. Cosmetic surgery aims to improve self-esteem, increase confidence, improve health and the quality of life, and many more. One can achieve aesthetic and medical effects by undergoing plastic surgery. Although plastic surgery is performed widely, there are still some controversies and discussions regarding this topic.

Cleft Lip and palate repair: this is a form of plastic surgery which corrects cleft lip palate (rheumatoid arthritis) and its deformities. The surgery can correct deformities such as crossing or double chin, button nose, excess skin at the upper lip, protruding tongue, cleft palate, underdevelopment of the lips and palate, and so on. Cosmetic/plastic surgery may also be performed to improve speech. For example, cleft lip palate patients can undergo dental veneers (a thin piece of porcelain) covering the defects so that their speaking abilities are restored. Other types of cosmetic surgery include rhinoplasty, which improve the appearance of the nose; ear pinning, which flatten the ears; chin and cheek lifts, which decrease the size of the chin; and so on.

Medical procedures are used in the treatment of specific medical conditions such as cancer, trauma, and burn recovery. Cosmetic surgery aims to improve health and improve appearance. This is done by performing aesthetic and reconstructive procedures in order to provide patients with better appearance and boost their self-confidence. Cosmetic/plastic surgery aims to make a patient look younger by correcting any aging signs, by reducing or eliminating facial lines or by boosting their self-confidence. This is done by performing procedures like eyelid surgery, brow lift, neck treatment, face lift, lip enhancement, hand surgery and lip augmentation. You'll want to learn more about breast lift in miami options. 

Other cosmetic surgery include nose surgery or nose reshaping to reduce the size of the nose and enlarge the nasal tip. Chin and cheek lifts are performed to reduce the size of the chin and enhance cheekbones. Chin and cheek lifts also can help in eliminating under-eye puffiness. Eyelid plastic surgery and laser hair removal are two other types of cosmetic surgery that can dramatically change your appearance. Aromatherapy and Botox are other options you might consider. Do make sure to check out for cosmetic surgery options. 

Plastic surgery is not a cure all procedure. The techniques used in this procedure have been developed over many years and as such are still used differently across regions and cultures. Some countries still prefer to perform reconstructive surgery as their first line of defense against the aging process. Cosmetic/plastic surgery is often used interchangeably with reconstructive surgery because both are forms of cosmetic surgery aimed to improve and increase patient appearance. Get general informatioin on plastic surgery here: